CD Barrier Breached (DEMO-Version)


The Frontiers’ first ever recording and release!

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The Frontiers’ first ever recording and release. This first ever recording of Barrier Breached features only Thijs and Tim (then 17 and 18 respectively) from the current members of The Frontiers. This version of the album cannot be found on Spotify. The fact that the album features a different line-up and different name and lyrics for “Kiss The Ring” (“Mister Bully”) makes this DEMO-version of the CD a real collectors item. The Frontiers are not planning on releasing this version ever again, so get your hands on a copy before they are sold out.


Barrier Breached
You’re Paranoid
Mister Bully
Memento Mori
Circles (Part II)
Can’t Change the Past
Face The Fight
Mary Had a Little Goat

*Note: This is our first ever release, featuring a different line-up and different song titles than you might find on spotify. This is our DEMO-version of the album.

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