Meet The Frontiers

‘We are the fucking frontiers, so the limits will be reached’
This fragment from their song ‘Barrier Breached’ is something that The Frontiers certainly live up to.
To these young adults from Spijkenisse there is nothing better than playing their heavy music.
The power quartet consists of loud frontman, singer and bassist Tim van den Bogaerdt, fast lead
guitarist Thijs van der Sluijs, raging rhythm guitarist Romano Romeo and pounding drummer Wouter

Starting as inexperienced 13-year-olds, The Frontiers formed a
cover school band in 2012. Not satisfied with only playing covers,
the band started writing original songs in 2017. Since 2018 The
Frontiers played big stages including Bernisse On Stage, Spijkenisse
Festival and Metropolis Festival and are recurring artists at places
like de Hut and ‘t Blok. In 2020 The Frontiers recorded and released
their first record “Barrier Breached” as their former trio, consisting
of Tim van den Bogaerdt, Thijs van der Sluijs and their old
drummer. After playing big stages, releasing their first record and
winning the audience award at Metropolis Festival, The Frontiers
needed more!

In late 2020 rhythm guitarist Romano Romeo and new drummer Wouter Michawitz joined the band
to form their current line-up. To start off this new chapter, The Frontiers played in the finals of Grote
Prijs van Rotterdam where they won the audience award! Since then, the band has been busy writing
new music. The Frontiers have released their first single of that new music on the 13th of January 2022!
The Frontiers are inspired by bands like Foo Fighters, Metallica, Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Airbourne
and AC/DC. The band is difficult to pinpoint musically. The Frontiers’ music is a mix of Hard Rock,
Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal and Punk. The Frontiers are known for their energetic live performances
in which they like to party hard. The quartet likes to joke about how their music could be categorized
as fictional genre “Heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

Always ready to play, they are guaranteed to kick some ass. Earplugs are advised, because the
volume will be turned up to eleven and the ceiling will be blown off!

Tim van den Bogaerdt is a 22 year old musician from Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. He is active as co-founder, lead singer, bassist and acoustic guitarist for The Frontiers. Besides writing and releasing music with The Frontiers, Tim makes music for his solo project as well. His solo album “Beating Hard, Bleeding Heart” released in December 2020 and Tim is planning on releasing his new song for his solo project in 2022.

The singer has also been involved with numerous events like Spijkenisse Festival through the music platform Puls located in Spijkenisse.

Next to music, Tim is in his third year of studying Technology, Policy and Management at the Technical University in Delft and loves to get lost in working on a project. Whether it’s building a new bass guitar from scratch or creating new music, Tim takes it head on and gives it a full 200%!

Romano Romeo Kalpoe is an 18 year old guitarist from Hoogvliet, The Netherlands. He plays rhythm guitar for hardrock and heavy metalband The Frontiers. Romano started playing guitar at 13 years old because he had to choose an instrument for music classes in high school. His guitar heroes are Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Paul Gilbert, Eddie van Halen and Kirk Hammett.

Romano has been with The Frontiers since july 2019. In 2020, he won the audience award of the Grote Prijs van Rotterdam with The Frontiers.

Besides playing guitar in the band, Romano is working on a solo project and spends a lot of time skateboarding and taking pictures. Romano always gives it his full 200% and does it with a smile!

Thijs van der Sluijs is the lead guitarist and co-founder of The Frontiers. Now 21 years old, he picked up the guitar at the age of 7, playing everything from blues to death metal.

Besides being heavily inspired by AC/DC and Angus Young, as can be seen by his red Gibson SG, he is influenced by guitarists such as Glenn Tipton, Satriani, Brendon Small and Chris Caffery. When it comes to stage presence, Thijs takes inspiration from Airbourne and Judas Priest.

Thijs is also the lead guitarist of progressive death metal band Phlebotomized. When not playing or talking about music, Thijs mostly talks about craft beer and his study Criminology.

Wouter Michawitz is the 21 year old drummer for hardrock and heavy metal band The Frontiers. He is also the drummer of the great movie and musical orchestra Musical Souvenir, and percussionist for wind orchestra UDI and the Rotterdam Youth Symphonic Orchestra. He regularly performs in the big theaters and concert halls across The Netherlands. 

At 8 years old he started playing the marching drum. After having followed 2 weeks of music lessons he was invited for an audition for wind orchestra UDI, for which he still plays percussion today. Playing in the orchestra, he discovered the drumkit and his love for the instrument. This passion for his instrument and music in general eventually led to playing for two other orchestras.

After seeing a post on social media in which drummers were invited to audition for a hardrock / heavy metal band, he decided he would take this chance as this was the sort of music he really enjoyed playing and listening to. This audition led to the current and definitive lineup of The Frontiers!