Finally. The one you’ve all been waiting for! A classic for all those who’ve visited one of our liveshows. Rebound! Featuring heavy guitars, prominent double bass and an easily chantable chorus, this one can’t go wrong!


A multi-single featuring both circles part 1 and 2. Both songs were written by frontman Tim van den Bogaerdt, with part 2 being a solo piece for acoustic guitar. This part was already featured on the album ‘Barrier Breached’


With this song being the first one released featuring all current members of the band, they’re going big! This absolute banger of a heavy rock ‘n roll song is guaranteed to make you dance!

Barrier Breached

In 2020 the band released their first record ‘Barrier Breached’. After The Frontiers released their album, rhythm guitarist Romano Romeo and drummer Wouter Michawitz joined the band to form their current line-up. To start off this new chapter, the band played in the finals of the Grote Prijs van Rotterdam where they then won the audience award!